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sudoku - the game

Sudoku is being talked about everywhere. In the newspapers Sudoku puzzles are printed daily and no matter if at home, in the subway or on a bus. There are always a few minutes time to brood where the next number can be entered. The principles of the game are simple. The numbers 1 - 9 are to appear in every column and in every row exactly once. Additionally they are to appear exactly once in every block of nine. Sound hard? It's least not the first levels, as some numbers are alrady provided and it is therefore easy to exactly determine all the others. The more numbers that are not provided however, the harder it gets. Just Soduko will captivate you with its 500 levels in 5 various levels of difficulty. A long game of fun for all who like to brood over a good puzzle. 

You can get tips and help from the installation guidelines of the game or write to the forum.


novoxx knowledge:

One kilogramme of novoxx in pharmacy quality costs 490,00 Euro!

Thus one litre of colour costs at least 24,50 Eusro more than conventional colours without novoxx.