The production of novoxx:

The production of novoxx is very complicated. Worldwide there are only a few producers for this product.

Extremely high purity requirements apply for novoxx for two reasons:
On the one hand novoxx loses its effectiveness through contamination during the production process and on the other hand the strict Californian guidelines for heavy metals have to be met.

The production of novoxx takes place in a well-known German glassworks. 
It specialises in the production of glass for medical purposes and is in possession of the required equipment as well as the appropriate highly qualified personnel.

Due to high purity requirements novoxx is produced in a specially separated area of the glassworks.

The production of novoxx es effected in several steps.

First high-purity glass sand, sodium carbonate, potash and phosphorus are mixed to a so-called glass batch.
This mixture is then put into a tank and melted at a temperature of up to 1.000°C.

After the melting process the temperature is increased to 1.450-1.550°C and the product is "refined".
In glass-making one understands refining as the elimination of gas inclusions and inhomogeneities.

After that the glass is slowly cooled and hardened.
This extremely hard raw product is now ground to finest powder in a special mill.

The average particle size has to amount to 2,25 µm so that it can be used in tattoo colours.
The maximum particle size is not allowed to exceed 8,0 µm, a human hair 80 µm is about ten times as thick.

After the grounding process the novoxx powder is inspected according to medical products law.
Besides the obligatory chemical analysis of heavy metals a microbiological test and particle size analysis take place.
novoxx is cleared for trade only after the quality requirements have been inspected and met.

novoxx knowledge:

Only one company worldwide produces the highly purified novoxx with the required specification and its manifold characteristics.