What novoxx is:

This question cannot be answered in one sentence and depending on the approach there are variable answers.

A chemist would callĀ  novoxx an inorganic mineral substance with the following composition:
45,0 Gew% SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide)
24,5 Gew% CaO (Lime)
24,5 Gew% Na2O (Sodium Oxide)
06,0 Gew% P2O5 (Phosphoric Pentoxide)

A physicist speaks about a glass when speaking of novoxx and with that means the so-called aggregate state. The physical word glass in this case is confusing which is why we normally speak of a mineral substance combination when referring to novoxx.
Unlike minerals glass doesn't develop a crystal structure. Or to be said even easier, in minerals the atoms are arranged regularly, in glass the atoms are unarranged.

novoxx knowledge:

The average mote size of novoxx amounts to 0,0025 millimetres, that is about 30 times finer than a human hair!