What novoxx can do:

The challenge to develop a technology for mircrobiological, safe tattoo colours stood at the beginning of the discovery of novoxx.

The following problems were to be solved while doing so:

Conventional preservatives, as for example ones used in cosmetics, can cause allergies. The European Council wants these forbidden in tattoo colours.

Alcohol as a preservative is only applicable to a limited extent.
Only 70% ethyl alcohol or isopropanol kills all germs reliably.
Less than 18% alcohol even acts as a culture medium for microorganisms.

Due to the fact however that 70% alcohol stings intensely in open wounds, dries up and aggravates the skin, it cannot be used effectively for tattoo colours.
Furthermore alcohol evaporates easily and the concentration diminishes continuously.
This is also the case in sealed plastic bottles.

During the total development period of 21 months it became more and more clear that only one single product was capable of coping with this task: novoxx!

According to today's state of science novoxx is 100% biocompatible.
This means that "novoxx" is simply built-in to the body without being recognized as a foreign substance.
Therefore allergic reactions due to novoxx can practically be excluded.

Extensive studies by Dr. Colin Charnock of the Oslo University College -Department of Health Science- prove that colours with 5% novoxx  possess an excellent microbiological stability. 

novoxx kills bacteria, yeast and fungus reliably. 
In the course of these studies the effectiveness was proven in the following microorganisms:

Paenibacillus polymyxa
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Corenybacterium sp
Aspergillus niger

The effectiveness in viruses was not tested.

Because novoxx is a solid matter it cannot evaporate unlike liquid preservatives.
This means that with the increasing age of the colour the concentration of novoxx increases.

But novoxx offers many more advantages:
The finely ground white novoxx powder is kind to the skin and does not cause any irritations. 
When applied to the skin it feels like baby powder.

novoxx replaces a part of the pigments in tattoo colours and increases the colour luminance with additional reflection surfaces.

At the same time the allergic potential is reduced by minimising the pigment fractions in the colour.

A further fascinating aspect is the anit-oxidative effect of novoxx.
So-called free radicals and oxidative substances such as ozone damage the skin and destroy pigments. This leads to premature skin aging and to colour fading.
works against these effects and thereby prolongs the durability of the pigments in the skin. However this effect diappears after novoxx has been disintegrated in the skin.

novoxx is not a miracle substance. It should only be nautral for anyone to protect his/her tattoos against direct sunlight and to use a sunblocker outside.

novoxx consists of high-purified calcium-sodium-phosphor-silicate and provides the body with important mineral substances needed for wound healing.

These minerals assist in the healing process and reduce the itchiness during this process according to subjective statements of many users.
Especially in the case of badly pricked tattoos this effect has a special meaning and the skin regenerates quicker.

A further benefit is that novoxx is anti-inflammatory.

Tattoo inflammations are always problematic.
Due to the inflammation and the consequently activated immune defence an increased rejection of the pigments takes place and leads to a faded or blotched tattoo.

Unfortunately also worse consequences can occur.

Because of the weakening of the immune system the body can more easily develop an allergy to the content's substances of colour especially to the pigment.

Should the virus directly enter the bloodstream this can have far worse consequences.
A blood poisoning occurs which in the worst case can lead to death due to organ breakdown.
Although this is very unlikely even without loss of life the affected person could, under certain circumstances, encounter months and years of bodily damage and pain.

Indeed novoxx cannot offer absolute protection but the chance of infection is reduced considerably and with it also the tattoo artist's liability risk.

In comparison to chemical preservatives novoxx offers the additional advantage that it is resistant. Neither light nor currently used content's substances in tattoo colours lead to the disintegration of novoxx.
This also means that no poisonous or allergic decomposition products can emerge.

Conclusion: novoxx is currently the only technology which is really safe and accords to all legal requirements worldwide.




novoxx knowledge:

The novoxx mineral substance combination has been used for implant surgery for over 30 years!